What2InvestInNow: Investing in the Stock Market made SIMPLER!

Investing in the Stock Market made SIMPLER!

Financial experts such as Robert Kyosaki suggest the average person needs about $2 million dollars to retire comfortably, which is why all of us are investing in stock markets and mutual funds.

But how many times:

  • Have you tried to invest in the stock market and ended up losing money?
  • Have you questioned why you always buy when the stock is high then you sell when it is crashing down?
  • Have you wondered if your choice of stocks is right?
  • Have you promised to closely follow the stock market and research any stock before buying but end up not doing it?
  • Were you frustrated by losing money even though you have a financial advisor?

The stock market is very complex and cumbersome, and if you do not have experience and know how, then you will never achieve consistent  high returns. Stock market investments require knowledge of markets and economies, analysis of company’s income statements and balance sheets, close follow up of international and local news  and  a strong will to take action. This means long hours of research, reading financial reports and analysis. All of this is very  stressful; in other words, to be on top of everything, you need to make it your full time job.

Is hiring a financial advisor a good way to achieve financial freedom?

While hiring a professional advisor may help, it could also hinder your financial freedom. Hiring a professional financial advisor might sound like a good idea, but will a financial advisor have a vested interest in your success? Remember that your financial advisor is a SALES PERSON paid by commission. Will he help eliminate your stock market investment losses?

Consider that:

A financial advisor makes high commissions when you sell or buy stocks; regardless of the outcome, if you win or you lose, they will get commissions.

A financial advisor has to meet a monthly sales quota, so when he advises you to sell or buy it could partly be because he needs to meet his sales quota, not your investment goals.

Finally, unless you have millions of dollars to invest with a financial advisor, he will not give you any attention, since he has to attend to the needs of a thousand other clients and portfolios to meet his monthly financial quotas:  if you leave him you will not leave a dent in his large clients portfolio.

Is investing your own money on your own a better alternative?

If you are interested in investing your money yourself, you need to be aware of the time and risks involved in doing so. Self directed investments requires knowledge and time, which means you need to buy a system or a course that is quite expensive and that will take a considerable amount of time. It’s worth it if you can afford to take the time to implement what you learned – this is difficult to do when you work a full-time job.  If you are disciplined enough to implement them,  do you have the experience and the courage to go against the flow to achieve optimal return?

So, how can you start making money from your self-directed investments without hiring a professional and without getting overwhelmed in trying to learn all the ins and outs?


The most important step you can take to financial freedom is educating yourself – at What2InvestInNow, we firmly believe that there is a way to learn enough about investing to improve your confidence and understanding – without becoming lost in excess material and advice.

The first step we recommend is finding the right portfolio for you. Visit our portfolio page [insert link], to get a basic idea of the different models available, and to see what type you are most likely to be interested in.  You’ll find out about different types of investors,  different investing strategies, and the range of risk tolerance.  From there, start exploring, through the different links and resources available to you, so you can learn more about these portfolio models – a sound beginning to understanding investing. These portfolio descriptions are broken down into the purest, simplest definitions, with no confusing jargon – you will be able to easily identify with a portfolio model without having to sift through complicated buzzwords or long-winded explanations.

Once you understand your portfolio style, you are that much closer to making smarter investments. What2InvestInNow is simple and easy to use, helping you save time, money and frustration.

So how much is all this going to cost? Nothing!

You may have already run across other people who are charging the equivalent of a commission on the profits you’re going to make. But we’re not going to do that. And we’re not going to charge you thousands of dollars to get this information either. Why? Because we don’t need the money.  We already make a very comfortable living from our own investments. We’re tired of seeing otherwise smart, savvy people being taken advantage of simply because they haven’t had the time to learn how the game is played.  We really do want to level the playing field, and  show  you how you, too – in just a few weeks, days or months – could start making the kind of money you’ve dreamed of.


We are certain that what2investinnow will provide you with the resources you need to  confidently invest in the portfolio of your choice, which will then start you on the path to making the kind of money you deserve to make.

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