Educate Yourself Before Hiring a Financial Advisor

How much did YOU pay for investment fees in 2009?

You might not know exactly how much money you’ve already forked over to your investment advisor, but if you’re like many investors today, you might be shocked and disturbed if you sat down and crunched the numbers – especially if you weigh the undoubtedly huge amount you’ve paid against the value you actually received.

If you have a financial advisor – especially if you have Mutual Funds in your portfolio – chances are, you’re paying a commission of 2.5% of the value of your investment – regardless of performance! This means if you’re looking for a 10% ROI, in reality it must produce 12.5% for you to reach your financial goals. But that’s not all…

The Bad News

80% of all mutual funds have under-performed over the last ten years, and they will continue to do so. (The reason why can be explained with a simple Bell Curve – remember those from grade school?  I explain it all in the video.)  But let’s get back to talking about your financial advisor. And just to be clear, I’m not trying to knock financial advisors – heck, I was one for 19  years. It is just one of the reasons you should listen to me.  Because I’ve been there, done that, and have the closet full of T-shirts and the photo album to prove it.

And that’s exactly why I know how little value you may be getting for those high commissions you’re paying.

Are You Paying Your Financial Advisor Thousands of Dollars – Per Hour?

Look at it this way: when was the last time you saw your financial advisor?  How often do you sit down with him or her – once or twice a year?

Chances are, you’re paying your financial advisor more per hour than you do your attorney – maybe a lot more.  Here’s why:

If you invested $100,000, then his commission – which was a whopping $5,000 – came right off the top of that money – your money. For an appointment that maybe lasted an hour.  And yeah, I know, they’re not charging you an hourly fee, but even if you see them twice a year –for an hour each visit – you’re still paying a lot of money. And what are you getting out of it? (Besides a quick phone call or email when one of your stocks has lost money and they want you to replace it, that is…)

Has your financial advisor ever given you this kind of strategic advice to help you reach your financial goals?

Has your advisor ever:

  • Shown you how to make your mortgage tax deductible?
  • Given you the “inside scoop” of how you can buy a $50,000 car for less than $15,000 out-of-pocket cost?
  • Explained how you can withdraw money from your tax-sheltered plans – tax free?
  • Let you in on how you can get the government to make your RRSP contributions?
  • Told you when one of your stocks was going up – and advised you to sell?
  • Has your financial planner ever actually created a “financial plan” for you – designed to help you   reach your financial goals, to become financially free,  able to take care of your loved ones? A plan  designed so that you are able to someday retire without worrying about losing your current   lifestyle, and to ensure your loved ones are safe and secure when you’re not there to protect them    anymore?

If not, then you should reconsider why exactly you are paying your advisor so much money, and realize that you can take more control – by becoming more educated about investments, the market, and your options.

At we want to help you acquire this information so that you can enter into investments confidently and intelligently. On our website you might find information that is more helpful than an advisor – especially if they are not providing you with pertinent information to help you reach your financial goals.

Our page pulls together a variety of resources, designed to help  you know what’s best to invest in, why it’s best to invest in and when. We want to provide you with as much information about investing as we can,  from guidelines to choosing portfolios, to tips about managing your money, to advice on how to set up for retirement. We want to help you take care of your future by giving you the advice you need to educate yourself in the world of investing.

We aren’t selling anything: instead, we’d like to position ourselves as a friendly resource of information, allowing you to absorb information and make your own judgments and decisions.

With What 2 Invest In Now, you can survive and thrive in the market because you:

  • Are the one in charge -  browse the articles and information provided so that you can make smarter investing decisions, on your own!
  • Don’t have to spend hours or weeks online, staying on top of the market, or wondering if the economy is going to clean out your investment portfolio – simply visit our site as we provide you with the latest information
  • Will understand exactly what investments will pay you now – and later – and help you achieve your financial goals
  • Can learn more to set up your own investing rules – the ones that make sense for the financial future you want

Take a look around at  What2InvestInNow today, and educate yourself so that you can take more control of your investments, and find financial planning independence.

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